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Roof Replacement in Coventry, Kenilworth
and the Surrounding Warwickshire Areas

If you think your roof requires attention, don’t leave it on the long finger as a job you can tackle when you have time. Ignoring a structural problem in your home can lead to expensive repairs in the future. It’s better to address the issue as quickly as possible and call an established roofing company to take care of those jobs that require a more professional approach.

Specialists in flat roofs and rubber roofs, Sheridan Roofing & Building Services Ltd is the company you need for roof replacements in Coventry, Kenilworth and the surrounding areas we cover. In the trade for over 35 years, we’re experts in all aspects of roofing services, as our online reviews will show.

Do You Need to Call Us?

If you can agree with any of the following, then your roof definitely needs an in-depth examination. Whether pitched or flat roofs, we can help by assessing your system and offering our expert opinion on whether a repair job or complete roof replacement is required.

Water Damage

Don’t mistake patches on your ceiling for damp or a leaking window. Investigate further to assure the issue isn’t originating in the attic space. A hole or crack in the roofing system can grow larger if not addressed and will continue to allow rainwater wreak havoc within your home. The issue may be as simple as a missing tile or damaged flashings.

Moss and Mould

The weight of growing moss on your tiles will cause them to shift if the plant is not removed. It can also fall into the guttering system, causing it to crack and fail. Check the roof from street level, you’ll easily notice discolouration and mildew. The longer the issue goes on without removal, the more likely the chances you’ll need a roof replacement.

Light in the Attic

Can you see daylight shining into the attic space? If so, call our roofing company as soon as possible because this indicates you have cracks, holes or loose fittings within the roofing system. Depending on the angle of the intruding light, the damage may be at the roofline level where the fascia or soffit may be broken or rotting.


A sagging roof is a sure sign that you have structural damage which requires immediate attention. This is one issue you most definitely cannot afford to ignore. Doing so may lead to the partial or complete collapse of your roof. In the UK, sagging is usually caused by aging, poor maintenance, faulty materials or incorrect installations.

Call us at Sheridan Roofing & Building Services if you have any concerns regarding the roofing system at your Coventry or Kenilworth home.

Our roofing company provides the following roof replacement services:

  • EPDM Rubber Roof Replacement

  • Fascias, Soffits and Guttering

  • Insulation Insertion

  • Rafter Installation

  • Roof Light Replacement

  • Substrate Installation

  • Tiled Roofs

  • Torch-On Felt Replacement

For more information regarding Sheridan Roofing & Building Services’ extensive roofing services in Coventry and Kenilworth, including flat roofs, rubber roofs, and loft conversions, please click onto the relevant pages. 

Contact us on 01455 234 877 to find out more about the roof replacement services our roofing company carries out in Coventry, Kenilworth and the surrounding Warwickshire areas.